PRODUCERSean M. Kaufmann
DIRECTORConor M. O’Brien
WRITERSean M. Kaufmann
STORYConor M. O’Brien
D.P.Tom C. Hall
EDITORTravis Hayden-Rowe

TAGLINESometimes the real fight is outside the ring.
SYNOPSISA young Boxer tries to use the local Mafia to accelerate his career – but the bitter history between his Trainer and a ruthless Mobster sabotages everything.

Pursuit was my first film as sole Director, No Country for Slow Men is the very first film I ever made. I conceived of the idea in early December 2009 and managed to get a group of friends interested enough to actually go ahead and make it. The entire production was a very collaborative process – four people wrote, three produced, two directed and everyone acted at some point.

We used a Sony CCD-TRV138 Hi8 Handycam. That’s right, Hi8. We recorded at 720×480, with no lighting or sound packages. Just the mic at the front of the camera.

The experience of film-making was absolutely fascinating to me. The end result was pretty much as good as we could make it. I taught myself After Effects and some basic sound editing in order to FX on all the muzzle flashes, bloodspurts and what not in post. But it was the planning and execution that really got my interest – having an idea, workign out how to do it and actually executing it.

The fact that the entire film-making process is driven by self-motivation, with a very low bar to entry (in terms of equipment, personnel, etc) was a huge eye-opener for me. This was a creative process free of the heavy-handed official regulation and slow development pace of a typical Architectural project, with total freedom to do what you want/can with what you’ve got to hand.

I was hooked.

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