Last Legs, pt 2

Tonight, December 18th, is my first of two days of pick-up shots to complete my Short film, "In The Meathouse".

This is the storyboard sequence for the very last scene of the film, the resolution of the subplot between the Boxer and his Ex-Girlfriend. Its quite crude, as a storyboard can be, but it gives the basic blocking of the scene. The script itself has this to say:

The EX GIRLFRIEND dozes with her head on the shoulder of her
new BOYFRIEND. They are returning home from a great night

The BOXER limps onto the same carriage, on his way home from
the night shift at the abbatoir.

The Boxer sees her. He sees her calm happiness. He sees the
casual gentleness of her Boyfriend’s arm around her
shoulders. He sees her wake up.

From within the warmth of her new love’s embrace she sees
him and sees his loss. She sees his breaking spirit and his
broken stride.

A strand of empathy connects them, just for a moment, as
they silently forgive each other.

The train stops and the Boxer limps off alone, as the Ex
Girlfriend hugs her man tighter to her.


How the actors handle this will be very important to the subliminal message, especially as the Ex-Girlfriend previously sported a black eye courtesy of the Boxer. Essentially, I don't want the Ex-Girlfriend to appear to be condoning the violence against her, or glossing over it. It's more about acceptance of the vast gulf between them, which negates hate or fear - they are simply too far apart in life, going totally different courses and under totally different pressures. Hate or anger towards each other is pointless. They are who they are, their past is what it was, and they will probably never see each other ever again.

This is goodbye, but not good riddance.