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On January 24th, 2016 by cmobAdmin

Laughton v. Kubrick

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There seem to be quite a few visual similarities (and some strong behind-the-scenes connections) between Charles Laughton's superb and unsettling "Night of the Hunter" and Stanley Kubrick's equally eerie "The Shining".

On January 12th, 2016 by cmobAdmin


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At last. At long, long, long, long, long, long last I have achieved picture lock on my short film, "IN THE MEATHOUSE"!

I shot the bulk of it over a weekend in April 2014, and the last pick-up shots this past December. So almost two years in the making, for a paltry  16 mins.

That is slow. Way too goddamn slow, if I intend to make a career as a Director. But, I've justified it (not that I set out to take this long) with the rationale that this has allowed me to properly find my 'voice', for want of a better word. The first edit did not match my expectations from writing the script. It was very differently paced, arranged and cut. I stalled shooting my pick-up scenes because they were not just filler shots - they were a pivotal middle scene and the post-climax resolution of my anti/hero's relationship with his girlfriend. These scenes felt so important to the story that I did not think I could properly write & shoot them with having an edit that I knew, in my heart, was the right one.

Just before Christmas past I realised that yes, I did have the right story now, cut the right way, and with two significant gaps which I could fill in quite easily, as everything before and after those gaps was right. This game me two reference points for each pick-up scene - the lead in and lead out. Knowing the script, characters, tone, arcs and themes as well as I did, it was now not as difficult to write something appropriate, something that properly connected the leading and following scenes of each gap, something right.

Now, it's on to a proper sound mix and colour grade. I have two opportunities to get both done by professionals, for free, and I aim to maximise my learning from both processes.




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