Motion Capture

DGC Ontario regularly organises and sponsors workshops on various aspects of Film & TV production. I recently attended one on Motion Capture, presented by Plato Fountidakis of FAST Motion Studios, a motion capture studio that specialises in stunt work. Plato and his business partner Paul Rapovski are Tier A stunt coordinators, very well known and highly respected in the industry.

Plato worked through all the various stages of Motion Capture (MoCap) from initial discussions by the Production Team about what is actually going to be captured, all the way through to then hand off of the cleaned up date to the 3D Modellers & Animators.

It was very interesting and coherent. Plato did a great job removing a lot of misconceptions and myths about MoCap. As an AD, I was very interested in the prep process - especially about the various details that are easy to gloss over orĀ forget, but which can seriously trip you up further down the production pipeline.


Motion Capture Workshop Notes